Gathering Thunder Foundation Spring Gala 2014 

Star Nations Radio Network and Magazine is a proud supporter of Gathering Thunder Foundation, a 501c(3) non-profit organization based in Rockford, MI and founded by Star Nations co-creator and publisher, Denise Iwaniw. Star Nations Radio and Magazine proudly attended the 2014 Gathering Thunder Foundation Gala and underwrote the Dakota 38 Screening Event where all proceeds went to the Gathering Thunder Foundation.   Gathering Thunder Foundation is dedicated to the preservation of Native American culture, customs, spirituality and language.  In addition to this endeavor, Gathering Thunder Foundation strives to help provide funds for food, propane, electricity, wood supplies, education, clothing and hope for our Native American brothers and sisters all across Turtle Island (North America), who are in need. 

Neshi Lokotz, co-founder of Star Nations Radio and Magazine was one of the honorary keynote speakers who spoke at both the Gathering Thunder Foundation Gala and at the Dakota 38 Screening event.  Neshi Lokotz moved many with her beautiful speeches because of who she is as a person, the lineage she represents, but truly for all of us as spiritual beings. The Lakota saying 'Mitayue Oyasin', which means 'We are all related'.  In Potawatomi, 'Jage Nagonan' means 'All my relations'. No matter how you say it, we are all connected and related.  What matters most is what we do now in the present, moving forward and healing together for a brighter future.     

Star Nations Radio Network and Magazine was moved by the amount of time, effort, and love that the Gathering Thunder Foundation volunteers put into both weekend events.  Additionally, it was amazing to see all the wonderful people from near and far who supported both events in person and in different ways.  Both events proved to be healing on many levels for both past and future generations.  Star Nations Radio Network and Magazine looks forward to continuing the Red Road in making a difference one star at a time in this new era that we call the 'Illuminated Age'.  

Photography Courtesy of Ewelina Gagalska Konyndyk

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