Kathy Powell Reider teaches the essence of living naturally to those seeking authentic transformation.  www.intuitivesvs.com

Chad Stuemke is an author, researcher, and seeker. His investigations range from searching out the secrets of ancient civilizations and their hidden archaeology to probing the present for answers in regards to U.F.O.’s, stargates, symbolism, spirituality, and humanities greater potentials.Intentions being that by searching out the keys that have been hidden in the past, we may be able to unlock the gates and doors to our own higher potentials, and future. Chad lives in Northern Michigan with his family and enjoys being inspired by nature in his free time.  www.chadstuemke.com

Laurie DeDecker is a nurse, energy healing practitioner, trainer, healthcare contractor, researcher and medical writer/editor. She has been involved in healthcare for most of her adult life and has been a Registered Nurse for more than 28 years, focusing on holistic nursing for the past six years. She is a certified practitioner and trainer in the Healing in America method of energy therapy, which comes from England, where it is practiced alongside allopathic medicine. She is also a member of the American Holistic Nurses Association.

Janet Schnell, Suicidologist from Huntingburg, Indiana.

Elizabeth Cosmos, author of Ama-Deus Energy Healing

Darlene Symon Frederick,  Financial Planner and Retirement Specialist, AXA Advisors at www.marquisefinancial.com

David J. Sterken,  Program Coordinator Pediatric Blood Management at Helen DeVos Children's Hospital in Grand Rapids, MI

Christi Pentecost from Grand Rapids, MI. Christi is the owner of ZattaChat

Lori Hanau, owner at Global Round Table Leadership in Keen, New Hampshire! 


Salvatore Sapienza from Saugatuck, MI.
Sal is Assistant Pastor at Spirit Space in Saugatuck and author of Seventy Times Seven. 
www.douglasucc.org and 


Susan Herron McFarland, owner, Of the Vine llc and lives in Belmont, MI. Susan is our health and wellness colunmnist

Terry Ruelle is a practicing psychotherapist 

and owner of Pathways Holistic Counseling in Big Rapids MI. She, along with counseling psychotherapist, Ruth Vanden Bosch, will be writing a monthly column on mental and emotional health.

Della Badwound, who hails from Wanbli, South Dakota and now lives in Thornton, Colorado. Della is a Lakota elder and linguist, working at the University of Colorado Foundation.  Della teaches and lectures around the world, regarding the preservation of indigenous languages.

Meet Our Contributing Writers

Communications from Home

Star Nations Magazine

Cindy Berry Addis has been studying and working with A Course of Miracles since 1987. She has two ACIM groups that meet weekly to study the Course and to laugh and support each through the process of undoing the though system that blocks the awareness of peace.  Cindy is from  Greenville, MI. 

Bev Boerman is a residential Realtor, Broker member in the Greater Grand Rapids area of west Michigan. She has been selling homes for over 32 years. Bev has received many awards and designations over the years.

Susan Q. Brown, an artist, author and yoga instructor from Lyndeborough, New Hampshire.

Phaedra Mcdonough, cardiology nurse practitioner from New Hampshire

Nashid "Koleoso" Fakhrid-Deen, from the University of Kentucky.

Paul Crouse, owner of Paul Crouse Coaching at www.PaulCrouse.com

Amantha Murphy, from Killarney, Ireland

Melissa Dabilis lives in Manchester, New Hampshire where she is Assistant to Business Management Consultant at BRK Ventures, LLC, Owner at Open Space Yoga & Wellness, LLC and Consulting Hypnotist at Open Space Yoga & Wellness, LLC. 

Grand Valley State University faculty member, Maureen Wolverton

Business writer, Audra Calhoun Devries from Lowell, MI.

Dora Dias, from Cape Town, Western Cape and owner of the AYA Centre

Dr. Pamela Buss, from Huntingburg, IN. Dr. Buss is the owner of All in One Chiropractic and Accupuncture.

Tami Gulland, Business and Prosperity Catalyst at Angels for Success in Madison, WI.  www.angelsforsuccess.com

Bridget Krutzik from Elkhorn, Wisconsin.


Christopher Tims, founder of the Order of the Blue Star in Palm Bay, FL.

Rabbi Chava Bahle from Suttons Bay, MI. Rabbi Chava works at Makom Shalom, Jewish Catholic Family School Chicago and Northwestern Michigan College.

Laura MacLachlan, originally from New Canaan, Connecticut, she now lives in Dryden, MI where she is an instructor/trainer/Metaphysical church Pastor/Seminary Instructor and Seminary Ed. Dept. Co-Chair. 

Daphne Keplinger-Myers, from Holland, MI. Daphne is a Certified Nutritional Counselor, Naturopathic Doctor the owner of Lakeshore Natural Skincare.