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Advertisement Opportunities

​We are so excited about our new digital magazine publication because it will broaden our global audience and provide exciting opportunities for businesses like you.  Within our digital magazine, we will be offering advertising space.   All ads must be at least at least 72 DPI with a 300 DPI preferred and in a PNG format preferable but can accept a JPEG format.  If your ad contains images, you must ensure that it is not copyrighted.    

​Ad Sizes and Standard Ad Monthly Rates
Full Page (9”w x 11” h) $300
Large Half Page (9”w x 5.5” h) $150
Medium ¼ Page (4” w x 5.5” h) $100
​Petite 1/8 Page (4” x 2” h) $50

Community Calendar of Events $20
(Text Only) Max 30 Words

AD Design: Do you need help with your ad design?  Our graphic designer, Ruth Marsden-Butts can assist you in creating an ad for a flat fee of $50.00.  More details to about Ruth Marsfen-Butts, click here.

For AD Sales:  Please send a message below to connect with Ruth Marsden-Butts, Advertising Sales, Marketing, & Graphic Design for all questions and or items related to ad sales, marketing, or graphic design.